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The Best Vegan Dog Food - Gary Yourofsky Added by Vegan ForTheWin Published on Jan 22, 2015

What is the best vegan dog food on the market today? Gary Yourofsky lets you know. . .

V-Dog, great company, I highly recommend this product! V-Dog FTW! V-dog is the only fully vegan dog food company on the market. All other vegan dog food companies also sell animal traditional animal product foods as well.

Dogs are omnivores, they are scavengers, and can thrive on both a plant based diet or one with more animal products.

If you are concerned about feeding your dog a plant based diet, just do a little research online. You will find that even main stream veterinary places agree that dogs can be fed a vegan diet. The debate is whether or not its optimal. I decided to put my dog on V-Dog and see how he did. He has experience no lack of energy or bad fur or anything. Going in for the blood work in a month or two, should be good.

Most dogs in USA are like 90% vegan anyways. Go into any Costco or Walmart and look at the dog foods. The number one ingredients are almost always corn, wheat, potatoes, or some other crazy kind of by products. These products are full of ingredients not fit for human consumption as well as preservatives, pestacided, crazy chemicals, coloring agents, by-product meals, and any other crap ingredients you can think of. Do not fool yourself. All dog food brands out there that contain animal products are composed of ingredients that were one step above being sent to the land fill. I do not feed my dog crap anymore. All ingredients in V-Dog are recognizable, sane and healthy. V-Dog does have supplemental vitamins and minerals, but so does every single other dog food brand out there. The protein % is the same as other dog food brands on the market.

I walk my dog 1+ hour ever day, go to the dog park, run and go swimming at lakes. He is a super active dog and since switching to V-Dog, he has not experienced any energy loss. I highly recommend this product. Call the company and discuss any concerns with them. Also, go to your veterinary and let them know your plans and get their opinion. If you want to go in with another veterinary opinion, check V-Dog's web sight. There they have two veterinary recommendations.

If you want your dog to eat animals, do it naturally and let them hunt and eat whatever they can catch. They may get some squirrels, rabbits or chicken maybe! But a cow? A buffalo? Fish? Come on, in nature, when would a dog be eating a cow or deep sea fish? So if your criticism of the plant based diet for dogs it hat it is unnatural, my question for you is how natural are all the other dog foods out there?! The answer is they are not, they are completely crazy mixtures of foods dogs never would have had access to in nature. Dogs are not wolfs. They evolved alongside humans and their diets evolved to be able to eat what we eat. Check out this link from a research paper in Nature:

Conclusions of article:

"Nevertheless, the study adds to evidence that dogs should not eat the same food as wolves, says Wayne, who points out that dog food is rich in carbohydrates and low in protein compared with plain meat. “Every day I get an email from a dog owner who asks, should they feed their dog like a wolf," says Wayne. "I think this paper answers that question: no.”

What are you waiting for, order yourself a bag and slowly transition your dog onto V-Dog and see how they do.

Freelee video about vegan dog food:

Why kill animals to feed animals? Adopt and rescue whenever possible. Spay, neuter and microchip as well!

Increase the peace, go vegan, and no body gets hurt.

For the planet.
For the People.
For the animals.

Vegan for the win!