Em Carey

My name is Em and I'm a travel/fitness/vegan blogger from down under. I have a massive love for life and try to soak up the most of each day. Follow me around on my adventures and see what kind of stuff I get up to!

I also use social media to share my crazy health/near death experiences as well. Two years ago I was in a skydiving accident and became a paraplegic, since then I have learnt to walk again but of course I have lots to share about the whole experience. I hope through talking about my accident and injury I can help someone out there to not feel so alone with whatever it is they are going through.

Youtube is a place where I can document my life and recovery and you're all welcome to be a part of it :)

Instagram - www.instagram.com/em_carey
Tumblr - www.emmacareyemmacarey.tumblr.com
Website - www.emcarey.com
Snapchat - em_careyy