High Energy Parenting

This channel is all about experiencing and enjoying a high energy parenting life!

I unexpectedly became a parent at a relatively young age. I quickly realized that my exceptionally poor health, my quickly fading fitness, and my general lack of understanding of how to create health and abundant energy were going to be a HUGE DISSERVICE to my child and to myself.

I invested thousands of dollars for courses, seminars, coaching and internships. I invested hundreds of hours in study and research. I met and trained with Olympic athletes, Ironman triathletes, and other high performers. I invested years in experimentation and application.

And now....
I have more energy than my children! My fitness has reached untouched heights (50 mile runs now!) AND my experience of health and vitality is still expanding! I've got the energy to pursue my passions, to play with my kids, to pick up my wife and spin her around!

I'll share with you what works so well for me!