Unnatural Vegan

Are you a vegan who values science and peer-reviewed literature over anecdotal accounts? Are you a vegan who's vegan for a reason rather than emotional appeal or yuck factor? Are you wary of veganism because of the abundance of pseudoscience and vitriol that appears to define modern-day veganism and its followers?

Then welcome to Unnatural Vegan! The goal of this channel is to talk about vegan diets openly and honestly. Being vegan won't necessarily make you a better person nor will it necessarily make you lean and attractive. And that's okay! By acknowledging the cons of veganism along with the pros, hopefully we can come to a more well-rounded, intellectually honest view of veganism.

So check out some of my videos and subscribe if ya like. I typically post 3-4 times a week including What I Ate Today on Mondays cuz I like money. Also, I am not a doctor, a dietitian or a scientist. I do have a college degree though . . . in philosophy.

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